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The finish of a stone contributes a great deal to its beauty, its durability and its use in a variety of applications. To help you select the stone finish that right for your application, here some detailed information on finishes:

Polished Finish

Large machines progressively grind the stone to a specular, mirror-like finish. Polishing can be done only on crystallized stones. A polished finish doesn't affect the porosity of the stone. A polished finish is quite popular as it enhances the colour and markings of the material. Polished finishes are reflective. A stone with a polished finish is very smooth and reflective.

This type of finish is used in reception areas, where marble, onyx and some harder limestones are laid. The most popular uses of polished stone are in; interior and exterior wall cladding, Interior and exterior paving, Fireplace facing and hearth, Lavatory tops, Residential & Commercial counter tops, Table Tops, Statuary, Novelty items, Many non architectural uses, such as tooth paste, paint whiting, agricultural lime, etc.

Honed Finish

This less formal, softer-appearing stone has a matte or satin finish. Honed finishes unlike polished finishes are not reflective. The honed finish is a satin smooth surface with little light reflection.

This finish is often used on walking surfaces and other areas where heavy traffic would wear off a polished finish. Honed finishes are used in interior wall covering. It can also used on the exterior in warm environments, table tops, very light duty residential flooring, Novelty items, etc.

Antique Finish

Antiquing the stone involves flame texturing and diamond brushing, to produce a rough textured finish.

Bush Hammered

This finish, which leaves the surface of the stone full of points, is a very attractive one for hard limestones and sandstones, but should not be used in dressing the softer kinds.

Saw Cut Finish

Saw cut finish has acquired its name owing to the saw cuts that are made on the surface of stone. When the stones are broken free of the cut layer they are shaped to uniform size.

Saw Cut finish offers complimentary accent to other types of stone work. It is generally used for walls, gate entries, patios, landscape design applications etc.

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